The Beginning

Vienna, December 1st 2011, 14:37
Four guys find themselves in a dark windowed van on their way to the airport after one of the many conferences they attend each year, heavily discussing the topics that were on display the last couple of days. Their spoken language is English even though none of them is a native speaker. Their nationalities - Swedish, Finnish, German and Dutch - seem randomly selected, yet they share a common professional expertise. All of them have been acknowledged by one of the biggest software companies in the world with what is considered one of the highest technical recognition a vendor can reward an individual with, namely the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft.

Their specific expertise is Microsoft Application Virtualization and all of them have been part of the MVP program for multiple years. Some of them even since the original company Softricity was acquired by Microsoft. They have a long history of designing and implementing the product as consultants with their customers, but it’s not for their in depth knowledge and technical leadership they were selected. Microsoft acknowledges MVPs for their willingness to help other customers through numerous community forums and share their real-world experiences by presenting and blogging or by volunteering in “ask the experts” booths on various events.

“We should write an App-V 5 book.”

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