About the App-V 5 Book

This book is designed to be accessible and practical, with an emphasis on useful, applicable information. It’s not intended (by nature) to be read from cover to cover. To this end we’ve decided to organize it in topics as described below. This allows a specific subject of interest to be found quickly and the book would act as a reference.

Chapter 1 starts the theory explaining some of the basics of application behavior in Microsoft Windows operating systems and why application virtualization can be applied to solve common issues.

Chapter 2 describes the native deployment infrastructure that comes with Microsoft App-V, including infrastructure components, requirements and design considerations. Additionally it holds detailed steps on how to install each component in common scenarios.

Chapter 3 is all about the central and mandatory component of the environment, the App-V Client itself. This chapter discusses common installation considerations and deployment methods, both in traditional client environment as well as remote desktop server clients.

Chapter 4 discusses one of the infrastructure alternatives, being the System Center Configuration Manager integrated scenario. It describes how App-V 5 integrates with Microsoft’s enterprise software distribution system, administration and design considerations as well as more advanced operations.

Chapter 5 talks about the ability for App-V 5.0 to be deployed in custom infrastructures or 3rd deployment systems by means of MSI deployment or scripting.

Chapter 6 is the final chapter and discusses the tasks that are usually done on a daily basis, packaging. It describes the new App-V 5.0 packaging format and file types that are associated as well as best practices for setting up your sequencing machine. It deeply dives into various common application architectures and the preferred way of virtualizing or troubleshoot them.

Appendices are includes for reference reason and include several interesting and useful resources that support you in your daily work.