(100 requests)

on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, we are in the brink of breaking the first 100 requests for our book's chapter 1. Awesome!

So thank-you's are in order to You, our follower in this book project, for showing overwhelming interest in what we want - and believe - to become a de facto App-V 5.0 book! Granted, we are not like Mark Russinovich or Charles Petzold, whose books likely immediately gets thousands of readers at the point of coming our, but for our little tech niche this is good achievement for just a couple of days. Especially considering that we do, after all, require you to personally send a request to us by email to have it.

Hopefully you will also send us a lot of feedback for the content so far, so we can make upcoming content even better in the future.

On a related note, we also one little note of interest to those of you who have wanted or want to read the first chapter from mobile phone's screen:

It appears to be so that in the case of Windows Phone 8, the built-in PDF reader can't display our Chapter 1 PDF because it has certain PDF -restrictions set in which the reader is unable to cope with. So far this only seem to affect Windows Phone 8, not earlier version(s)

[Update 2013-02-07]
Microsoft released a new version of the WP8 PDF Reader that addresses exactly this issue, so you may consider an update. If that doesn't help you just need to read the chapter using some other device, sorry!

- The authors