Our book delivery plan

on Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Now that the first chapter is drawing near the completion (and a public release!), we wanted to take a moment to elaborate a little bit more on how this book is going to be released and under what conditions. Remember, this is our current plan and thinking and it very well could be that some details may change along the way until the whole book is finished.

As outlined in our About the book page, the book will be consisting of a number of chapters corresponding the different main topic areas or facets of the App-V 5.0 (backend infrastructure, client, packaging etc.). Our plan is to release each of these chapters separately - as free electronic downloads - as soon as they are completed, so that you don't have to wait for everything to be ready to start enjoying the content. Sounds good, huh? That's what we think as well! And once the whole book is done, it will be available as one single masterpiece (because you know it will be one) either as printed copy or as an ebook. The exact timeline for the completion of the whole book is not yet known, but we intend to keep up with the pace as much as possible.

As the chapters will be released freely (i.e. you don't have to shell out any cash and send it our way), you know that there has to be a few limitations we need to put in place to make it worthwhile for us authors as well:
  • Each chapter will be freely available and downloadable from this site from the moment it's ready to be released and gets published up until next chapter is published. After that, your opportunity to download it freely is done and gone.
  • Accessing free download requires entering your email address (we want to know who our audience is!), please note that the chapter download is delivered to the address used so don't spam us with fake addresses.
  • Once the whole book is finished, none of the chapters or the whole book is downloadable for free. You will need to pay some, likely a modest, sum to have access to it.
  • Free chapters are provided for personal consumption only, meaning that their content cannot be used for any commercial purposes, such as training material.
  • Free chapters, while available, need to be downloaded directly from the original source (i.e. this site) individually by each person. You do not have right to redistribute them, internally or externally, to other parties.
While we need to protect our work by having these few restrictions in place, the hope is that having all the chapters available for free for the limited time period allows you to make yourself familiar with the App-V 5.0 technology and ease the spread of the technology, even if you do not intend to support the work by purchasing the complete book later on.